About us

We absolutely love shoes. From boots to slip-ons, but especially what is in between: Mules should be everyone’s wardrobe must have! The mule embodies a summer chic fashion look, while offering anyone a smooth and comfy day. Do you remember that day you were heading to the beach after a long day at the office? Or that relaxing day on the water after which you ended going to that fancy dinner in the evening? What better to wear than a mule?

The perfect shoe to wear from beach to boardroom. Or the other way around works too!

We have designed the Misé Mule collection in several ‘moods’, embracing a femine look with an ambitious lifestyle. Something which we experience in our own life on a daily basis. Charlot currently in Paris, where she works in banking, and Majse in Rotterdam as a lawyer. 

We love that beachy vibe and fancy that daily summer but sophisticated look, whatsoever during or after work. Either at home or at the seaside, anywhere from Noordwijk to Venice Beach. And what better to wear than a mule, a Misé Mule. Our thoughts exactly!

We hope you love them as much as we do. 

M & C
Founders Misé Mules


The clothes and hats worn on our website are from Resort Finest, the anklets are from L-STUDIO and all the amazing photos are made by Florine van Rees.

We're grateful!